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What does Redd Devils mean?
The name Redd Devils comes from several items in our short history.  We started our dog journey in the 4-H dog project with a dog named Edd.  So, the "Redd" is to honor his place in our hearts.  Reba was our first beagle and she is a red beagle who was very adventurous and she earned the nickname "red devil"! That is how we named our kennel.  We also use Bujo in much of our naming to give credit to our fabulous mentor Ann Harris and her beagles who are part of our line.  

Who are you?
We work as a husband/wife team. 

Why beagles?
I actually grew up with German Shepherds believe it or not!  As a family, we have owned German Shepherds, Dalmations, Bassett mixes, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and one "Edd" along with a variety of mixes.  We love beagles because they are versatile, travel well, friendly, and very intelligent. They are a hardy dog who fits in well with any age human and they truly love their people without having to be "velcro". 

How do you raise your puppies?
Our litters are raised in our home with us!  We use a process called ENS to stimulate their early neurological systems and we incorporate Puppy Culture as they grow older to expose them to a variety of learning opportunities. They are raised to use a litter box if needed, but we do potty train them to go outside.  We are lucky to have access to some awesome mentors who continue to teach us new techniques! 

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